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Welcome to Nearby Nature!

Thanks to Nearby Nature, our community's kids spent 28,000+ healthy hours outside in 2013!

Kids play "Bat and Moth"

Nearby Nature is a non-profit education organization based in Eugene, Oregon. Founded in 1992, our group is dedicated to fostering appreciation of nature nearby and providing tools for ecological living. Our staff and volunteers lead nature walks, teach summer daycamps, host school programs, sponsor special events, teach adult workshops, and work on environmental restoration projects, primarily in the Whilamut Natural Area of Alton Baker Park. Nearby Nature also serves as the City of Eugene's official Park Host in Alton Baker Park, maintains an educational Learnscape, and is a partner in the Network Charter School.

Click here to go straight to a printable summary of summer daycamp dates, ages groups, and topics.

Learnscape Abundance 2012

Nearby Nature was established in 1992 by a group of inspired local naturalists and educators. Why? Because these folks knew something important. People of all ages, from the tiniest tots to the wisest elders, thrive when they connect with nature nearby. Since 1992, Nearby Nature's staff and volunteers have served tens of thousands of local children, adults, families, and teachers. We have also worked with thousands of volunteers and numerous community organizations.

We look forward to having YOU as part of our Nearby Nature Frannie Frog at the Egg Walkfamily. We welcome and encourage the participation of all members of our community. Check out our website for information on educational programs, volunteering, upcoming events, membership, scholarships, and more.

Nearby Nature proudly celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012. Click here to check out our 20th Birthday Special Report.

Thanks to Portland, Oregon artist Kelly Casad for designing our lovely website banner.



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