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Whilamut Watch

Are you a regular Pre’s Trail runner or North Bank Bike Trail rider? Do you ever hike in the Whilamut Natural Area or take your four-legged friends to the Alton Baker Park off-leash dog run? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Nearby Nature needs your help with our new Whilamut Watch group.
    As the City of Eugene’s official Alton Baker Park Host, our staff spends many hours every month in the Whilamut Natural Area of the park, working diligently to keep it safe and beautiful. Using information gathered on regular park patrols and during school field trips, we decide where to focus our litter pick-up efforts and which areas of the park need trail maintenance. We also report health and safety concerns we discover to the appropriate City of Eugene staffers.
    With your help as a part of our new Whilamut Watch group, we can do an even better job of caretaking in the Whilamut Natural Area. The Whilamut Watch will be an informal alliance—it won’t have meetings or an official membership. Instead, individuals in this group will simply let us know what they see when they visit the park, both the good and the bad. 
    We’ll be particularly interested in hearing about unsightly litter, graffiti, or vandalism. (Serious illegal or dangerous park uses should be reported to the police immediately. Nearby Nature does not handle enforcement.) Whilamut Watchers are also welcome to let us know about their exciting sightings in the park—from bald eagles to beaver to butterflies.
    Interested in joining the Whilamut Watch? Simply email your observations, concerns, questions, exciting sightings, and photos to us at so we know you are interested. Be as specific as possible with locations, especially if you have concerns. You are also welcome to post your exciting sightings on our Facebook page. Hope to hear from you soon!

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