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Wish List

Can you help with something on our Wish List? If you have something to donate, give us a call at 541-687-9699 or email us at We would be happy to come and pick up your donation!


  1. Beautiful, sturdy, outdoor benches and arbors
  2. Washable markers

  3. Construction paper

  4. Digital projector and graphing calculators

  5. Fishing rods (fly/bait) and tackle

  6. Eight buckets with lids

  7. Camping gear (sleeping bags, packs, cookwear, tents, boots, tarps, water filters—new or used in good condition)

  8. Softball equipment, frisbees, kickballs

  9. Vegetable washing table
  10. Quality children's nature books

  11. Watering cans -- kid and adult sizes
  12. Wheel barrows, garden tools, post hole digger, grinder for sharpening tools, hoses/valves
  13. Garden trellises, picket or other cute fencing, garden gate
  14. Native bird and butterfly plants
  15. Bat boxes
  16. Peg board and pegs for organizing tools
  17. Strawberry and caneberry starts (for fall)


Help NCS Students Gear Up!

Nearby Nature’s NCS students learn and play outdoors all year long. That means we need lots of outdoor clothing and equipment. If you have extra gear in good condition, please consider making a donation to our Gear Up Drive. Goretex jackets, rain pants, rubber or hiking boots, tents, external or internal frame backpacks, sleeping bags, and other useful outdoor gear would be appreciated. To make a donation, call 541-687-9699 or email


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