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Network Charter School

NCS in South EugeneBased in south Eugene, Oregon, the Network Charter School is a small charter program (with 90-130 students) serving young people aged twelve to twenty.

Classes are offered in a variety of locations (including Nearby Nature's Yurt) through a network of community education organizations, including Le Petit Gourmet, Material Exchange Center for Community Art (MECCA), Peace Village, and Nearby Nature.  Nearby Nature Yurt in ABP

The unique offerings of the Network include class sizes of 10-15 students, practical and multicultural opportunities, and career-related learning.

The Network Charter School can be reached for course and registration info at 541-344-1229,, or


What students say about NCS:NCS Students working on Learnscape in ABP

 “It’s better than every school!”

“You learn to deal with real life.”

“I actually want to go to class now.”

“It’s good to be weird here!”

“It’s not a textbook school.”

“Mellower atmosphere”

NCS Students in ABP “You actually learn stuff.”

“No cliques”

“People belong.”

“Less busy work”

“It’s small and everybody’s nice.”

“Teachers talk to you like a real person.”

“You can find yourself because you don’t have to be anyone else.”



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