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Ducks and Beavers and Frogs — Oh My! Frohnmayer Footbridge Mural Coming Soon


Bridge Panel Design

Painted diatribes shouting from concrete, four-letter words greeting visitors, and tags proclaiming someone’s temporary fame, Nearby Nature has seen all of these on Alton Baker Park’s Frohnmayer Footbridge. We’ve responded when we could and lamented when graffiti stayed up for weeks due to lack of capacity to address it. Indeed, the park and the community deserve better.

Now, thanks to a $3,500 City of Eugene Neighborhood Matching Grant, better is exactly what we’ll get this summer! Nearby Nature’s new volunteer TAG Team (Taskforce Against Graffiti) will create a mural featuring local animals and plants – ducks, beavers, frogs, and more – on the Frohnmayer Footbridge. The mural will feature stenciled images created by Nearby Nature volunteer and Portland Talking Walls muralist, Corie Hinton.

Why stencils? In the past, Nearby Nature has used stencils to paint over graffiti on the bridge when a specific area was tagged. These stenciled areas have often remained graffiti-free for months, or even years. Taggers, however, move on to other image-free areas, so now we’ll be eliminating those blank spaces and painting the entire span of the bridge

The simplicity of a stenciled mural – as opposed to a more traditional mural – will enable easy and inexpensive touch-up if or when a section of the bridge is defaced in the future. And as an added bonus, our stencil designs will feature images from local nature that can be used as teaching tools.

The Frohnmayer Footbridge conveys tens of thousands of visitors across the Willamette River every year, including attendees of UO football and Emeralds baseball games, students, joggers, families, bike commuters, and more. Nearby Nature also leads outdoor adventures in the park for 3,000+ kids and their families each year, many of whom pause on the bridge to look out at the river. Thanks to our mural project, all will soon experience this park entryway as a haven of beauty and calm, rather than a place of neglect.  

Interested in joining the TAG Team? These volunteers will do the initial paint over as well as be invited to help with long term maintenance of the mural. Work party dates are TBD, so please contact coordinator Shaun Daniel at if you would like to learn more.

Thanks to the City of Eugene, the Harlow Neighbors, and the volunteers already involved for supporting our grant  See you all soon!

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