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Haunted Hike 2010

Happy Haunted Hikers 2010!We had a beautiful night for the Haunted Hike in 2010 with over 500 people in attendance and 40+ volunteers helping out! Thanks so much to the Cascades Raptor Center and Drinking Gourd School for joining us at the event. More than fifty businesses also made donations of food and raffle items. A huge thanks to all! Here are just a few pictures from the evening...and from our pumpkin carving event a few days before the event!


Did you know that volunteers carve 80+ pumpkins for the Haunted Hike? That's lots of work...and lots of fun for all ages.

Oona and River




Ed is our Super Carver! This year he did more than 25 pumpkins!

Super Carver


fun with pumpkins


Elyse and Tim


The final amazing medley of pumpkin heads...destined for the Haunted Hike.

The final products


And now the event itself...

Always a favorite, Mr. Bat stands tall!

Bat 2010.jpg


 Kids love Frannie the Friendly Frog.

Frannie Frog HH 2010.jpg


Owl makes a point -- and gets some laughs!

Owl HH 2010.jpg


Grandma Spider works the crowd.

Spider with Crowd HH 2010.jpg


And shows us her web!

Grandma's Spider Web HH 2010.jpg


Who is that up in the tree?!

Raccoon Closer in Tree HH 2010.jpg


Back at the shelter there's lots going on...

Shelter full of people HH 2010.jpg


 Kids are making spiders...

More fun making spiders HH 2010.jpg



And bats.

Bat Craft HH 2010.jpg



People are taking home free pumpkins grown by kids from Drinking Gourd School...

Drinking Gourd Booth HH 2010.jpg



Checking out the Raptor Center's amazing birds of prey...

Raptor Center booth HH 2010.jpg


Munching on goodies donated by Organically Grown Coop, Capella Market, and Safeway...

Checking out the goodies HH 2010.jpg


And buying tickets for the raffle!

Another Raffle Photo HH 2010.jpg


Haunted Hike 2010 Raffle.jpg



At the end of the evening we find out who has won prizes!

volunteers help give out raffle prizes HH 2010.jpg



Thanks Nearby Nature volunteers for all your help...

volunteers who helped with HH 2010.jpg



and interns too!

Awesome interns who helped with HH 2010.jpg




-- Photos by Linda

and Bridgett Johnson and Beth Stein

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