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Haunted Hike 2012

Three cheers for the 2012 Haunted Hike! Thanks to the 430+ attendees and 40+ volunteers who made the evening a great success. From start to finish, the event was so much fun! Thanks to Green Giving Partner Quentin Furrow for taking most of these great photos.


Haunted Hike 2012

Two days before the event, nineteen volunteers helped carve the 70+ pumpkins donated for the event by Me and Moore Farm. Ed Peara, the Master Carver, won the prize for most pumpkins carved!

Ed the Master Carver.

 The Carving Crew

Jason Gets Creative

Carvers of all ages helped out.


Final Results of Pumpkin Carving 2012


Over 40 volunteers help run the Haunted Hike each year, starting their work well before the crowds arrive at 5:30 pm and staying way after they leave at 9 pm. Click here to see a list of these wonderful helpers. An extra big thanks to the Kohl's Associates in Action for sending six new volunteers to the event!

Volunteers get ready for guests.

Getting ready for the event.



40+ volunteers help with the event.


Behind the scenes, at the Nearby Nature Yurt, the volunteer Critters get ready for the show.

Getting ready for the show.

 More behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes.


Wendy McKenzie, the creator of the the Kinder Critter costumes, gets a hug from Olexander Owl.

Olexander Owl with Wendy, the original creator of the Kinder Critters.


At 5:30, it's time to start checking in the Haunted Hikers. Wow! There are lots of folks to register!

Get your tickets!

Wow there are lots of people to check in!


Joel Grogan is our great walk caller. He helps keep us on schedule by gathering folks every 10 minutes to get ready for their walks.

Our walk caller!


The first walk sets off at 5:40! When darkness falls, pumpkins light the way.

Pumpkins light the trail.

The first hike sets off into the park.


Mabel Moth is the first Critter on the hike.

Kids greet Mabel Moth.

Followed by Grandma Spider...

Grandma Spider!

Next Frannie Frog...

Frannie Frog!

Then Ricki Raccoon...

Ricki Raccoon!

And Olexander Owl...

Olexander Owl!

And next Beulah Beaver...

Beulah Beaver having a bit of dinner!

And finally, last but certainly not least, BAT!

THE Bat! He is so awesome!


After the hike, folks enjoy games, snacks, crafts, and a raffle in the park shelter. Thanks so much to all the individuals and businesses that made contributions to help support the event. Click here to see a list of these great supporters. 

Kids play Feed the Owl.

Kids play Spin the Spider.

Let's Go Fishing!

Kids make owls.

430+ people attended the Haunted Hike.

Thanks raffle donors and ticket buyers!


Looking forward to next year already! If you have photos we should add to our album, feel free to share by email at or on our Facebook page at


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