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Haunted Hike 2015

Pumpkin carving before the hike is fun! Thanks for donating pumpkins Me and Moore!

Pumpkin Carvers 2015

Pumpkin carving 1

Pumpkin carving 2

Pumpkin carving 3

Pumpkin carving 4

Pumpkin carving 5

Critters get ready to go.

Oliver Owl gets ready


Did you know these folks each did 14 performances in a row? Whew! They are awesome.

Critters at the Haunted Hike 2015

Welcome to the Haunted Hike. Thanks volunteers Samara and Holly for checking 500+ people in!

Welcome to the Haunted Hike 2015

It's time for a Paul Call -- Park Host Paul Catino calls out the next hike.

Paul Call 2015

Hikers set off down the pumpkin-lit trail.

Walking along the Haunted Hike Trail 2015

We meet Maggie Moth first. Doesn't she blend in nicely?

Maggie Moth 2015

Grandpa Spider shows off his web...

Grandpa Spider

 Rico Raccoon is a cool dude.Rico in motion

Our Critters are funny!

Kids having fun Haunted Hike 2015

Oliver Owl crouches low to chat with the crowd.

Oliver Owl

Bertha Beaver is a LONG time native Oregonian.

Bertha Beaver 2015

Mr. Bat. Ah what can we say? He is hilarious!

Mr. Bat at the Haunted Hike 2015

Back to the decorated shelter for more fun...

Decorated Shelter at Haunted Hike 2015

Did you know that 80+ volunteers donated nearly 300 hours to help plan and run this event? Wow! Below are just a few of these fine folks. Thanks Savana and Miyako for helping kids make moths and owls and more.

Volunteers help with crafts

Kids go on a Habitat Hunt. Thanks volunteer Nolan!

Volunteer with Habitat Hunt

Thanks Park Hosts Paul and Brandon for leading walks.

Paul and Brandon

Thanks volunteers Brandi and Cynthia for helping to host the raffle. About 50 local businesses and individuals donated prizes and food for the event. Nice!

Raffle wranglers!

Thanks volunteer Rosie for Spinning the Spider.

Rosie Spins the Spider

Thanks volunteer Rory for helping to Feed the Owl.

Rory hosts Feed the Owl

Thanks volunteer Sahalie for taking Critter pictures.

Volunteer with Spin the Spider at the Haunted Hike 2015

 Happy Haunted Hiking!Pumpkins ready to go 2015


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