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Learnscape Garden Photos

Learnscape Abundance 2012Learnscape Garden abundance comes in a rainbow of colors.

Bean Tee Pee

Summer daycampers love bean tee-pees in the garden!

Delicious gardens goodies thrive in Nearby Nature's Edible Schoolyard

 We grow all sorts of greens.

Garden Arch in Pollinator's Playground

The new garden gateway to our Pollinator's Playground was an Eagle Scout project.

Summer Daycampers in the Learnscape

Kids spend lots of time in the Learnscape during the summer.

Edible Schoolyard

The Edible Schoolyard provides food for both our Network Charter School kids and summer daycampers.

Veggie Harvest

This picture speaks for itself. YUM!

Flowers in the Garden

Flowers also grow in the Learnscape.

Playing in the Squirrel Kitchen

Some Learnscape spaces, such as the Squirrel Kitchen, are designed for fun and movement.

Harvest in the Learnscape

We also have lots of orchard trees.

Interns Installing a Cloche

Interns help manage the Learnscape throughout the year.

Herons Mural

Artists add creative inspiration to the Learnscape as well.

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