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Play in the Rain Day 2013

We had a wonderful time creating Earth Art with kids at Play in the Rain Day 2013!

First we created small scale art inside using old picture frames, sand, and a medley of small treasures from nature.

Table Art 2

Table Art 1

Table Art 6

Indoor Art 5

Table Art 7

Indoor Art 4

Table Art 3

Table Art 10

Table Art 9

Then we moved outside for larger scale nature play -- and lots of fairy houses and gnome homes!

Outdoor Art 1

Outdoor Art 2

Outdoor Art 3

Outdoor Art 4

Outdoor Art 5

Outdoor Art 6

Outdoor Art 7

Outdoor Art 9

Outdoor Art 10

Frannie Frog had lots of fun playing peek-a-boo and dancing to froggie tunes with Rich Glauber!

Frannie Frog Peekaboo 1

Frannie Frog Peekaboo 2

Frannie Frog Dancing 2

Frannie Frog Dancing 1

Frannie Frog Dancing 3

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