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Thanks so much to:



  • Fred Meyer for donating a $50 gift card for summer daycamp supplies.
  • New World Farmsted for donating lumber for our new Edible Garden fence.
  • True Value Hardware on Willamette Street for a discount on new garden tools.
  • Tim Simon and the LTD staff as well as NCS parent David Steele for donating a total of 13 rod and reel combos plus needed fishing tackle and cash to replace some of our stolen fishing gear. Thanks also to NCS students Hannah and Levi helping make these donations happen. 

  • REI in Eugene for donating a pop-up tent, fanny packs for our education programs, and water bottle cages for our bike fleet!

  • BRING Recycling for donating lumber and other supplies for our new cooperative team building elements in our Learnscape.



  • Chris Miles for donating a wonderful new stove for our Park Host's kitchen.
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement for its donation of an awesome impact driver. This tool will be so helpful with building and repair projects in our site.
  • Lane Forest Products for its donation of a $50 gift card to purchase soil amendments. The Learnscape and all its plants and critters say a huge THANKS!
  • Home Depot for its donation of a $100 gift card for building and garden supplies. We will make great use of this generous gift.
  • The School Garden Project for tons of great plant starts. Yum!
  • SOLVE for a $100 mini-grant for purchasing tools.
  • REI in Eugene for a donation of five new fanny packs for our school programs. We will put these packs to work at both Hendricks and Alton Baker Parks!
  • Jo Niedeck for donating 15 magnifying boxes for our educational programs.
  • Laurie Anderson for donating floor lamps for the Park Host House.
  • Skipping Stones Magazine for an annual gift subscription.
  • Margo and Dale Schaefer for donating baby white oak trees for Alton Baker Park's oak savanna.



  • Michael Wherley and Bitty Roy for donating a TV to our NCS classes.

  • Saller Keller, Scott Maguffin, and Thomas Weaver for donating jars for our No School Day.

  • Sally Keller for donating teaching materials and posters. 

  • Adaptive Seeds,, for donating wonderful garden seeds to Nearby Nature.

  • Vince Panero and family for donating thornless blackberry starts for the Learnscape Garden.

  • Shari Cappo-Fisher of Willamette Wildlings native plant nursery for 20 large heirloom tomatos starts and Erin Lamb for squash and other starts. 
  • Comcast for donating wheelbarrows for our restoration work.


  • Cynthia Lafferty of Doak Creek Nursery and Jean Fogden of Second Growth Nursery for donating numerous native plants for our Learnscape.
  • Weyerhauser for donating and delivering lots of great stumps and balancing logs for the Learnscape.
  • Science Factory for donating two yards of soil and a yard of sandy loam for our Leanscape. 
  • Mattress Mania for donating $200 worth of supplies for our toolshed remodeling project.
  • Cindy Hinton for donating posters and science equipment.


  • Michael Farris for a whole box of wonderful children's nature books and field guides!
  • BRING Recycling for our “new” office chairs and art supplies.
  • Bea Rector for donating a solar oven.


  • Thanks to Justine Halliwill for donating building materials for a trellis in our Learnscape.
  • Jessicca Laughlin for donating a lovely new bookshelf for our office. What a facelift!

  • Thanks to Chris Orsinger and Becky Smith for donating some cute kid-sized garden tools.

  • Thanks so much to all of the generous individuals, organizations, and businesses that made donations to our Haunted Hike event in October! Click here for a complete list!


  • Kay Mattison for donating a set of safety goggles for our Network Charter School students.

  • Sandra Austin and Friends of Hendricks Park for donating rain/work gear to our Network Charter School students.

  • The UO Urban Farm and the School Garden Project for donating all sorts of plant starts.

  • Thanks so much to all of the generous individuals, organizations, and businesses that made donations to our Egg Walk event in April! Click here for a complete list!

  • Lane Forest Products for donating sand for our new sandbox and a $50 gift certificate for rocks for our new Rainbow Rock Box!

  • Thanks to Ian Whitelaw for donating a yard of sand for our new sandbox!

  • Thanks to Terry and Bob Jones for checking out our Wish List and donating a sleeping bag and a bat box.

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