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Our Fall 2016 thanks to:

  • Haunted Hike volunteers: Alec Sweetland, Alicia Kristen, Anna Davis, Anne Campbell, Avalon Reynolds-Price, Barb Sammons, Conor Tracey, Cynthia Waters, Deb Rosenthal, Gary Rost, Holly Hartmann, Ian Smith, Ian Whitelaw, Jean Murphy, Jeff Letey, Jessi Gates, Kayleigh Eagen, Kohl’s Associates in Action (Nicole Butcher, Renee Hildebrand, Paul Santana, Diana Cain, Laura Buckle), Kyle Myer, Leslie Kidd, Madeleine Peara, Madeline Middlebrooks , Matt Groberg, Matt Pittman, Michael Wherley, Miyako Iwata, Olivia Vilain, Pat Purdue, Read  Wagar, Roger Nichols, Rylie Sollars, Sahalie Pittman, Salmon Stroich, Sarah Fugler, Taylor Barnhart, Vicky Mello, Wendy McKenzie, and Zacory Shakespeare -- plus additional pumpkin carvers: Hannah Wilson, Avani Kana, Nimai, Kapila, & Kalrie Peacock, Anna Sheehan & Eireann Woods, Collette Christian & Darwin, Drake, and Lily Scapin, Cat Merritt & Sage Harper, Amanda Robinson & Gabby, Tyler, Karis, Jessica & Tristan Kuehn, Loreen Heneghan & Beatrix & Linden Kaswell, Stella Wright-Hay, Audrey Sparrow, Amy, Emma, & Erin Mahady, Steven & Hazel Bennett

Our Summer 2015 thanks to:

  • Camp helpers Dave Walp for sharing his pelt collection, Yvonne Young for telling stories, Chip Kiger for teaching about bees, Uriel Wolfe-Blank for singing, and Peter Hamming for programs on pollinators.
  • Vicky Mello, Sarah Lion-Eagan, Cynthia Waters, Bela Kapelka, and Sahalie Pittman for getting out our summer newsletter.

Our Spring 2015 thanks to:

  • Spring nature guides and pond study assistants: Alan Pittman, Alex Metz, Connor Henzel, Cynthia Waters, Heather Halvorson, Ian Smith, Jean Murphy, Jo Victoria, Kyle Meyer, Laura Kaiser, Lindsay Piggott, Matt Sweeney, Michael Wherley, Pammy Brutkus, Sally Keller, Scott Maguffin, Shannon Keener, Vicky Mello, Tes Hart, Wenhui Qiu, Zach Swan, and Yvonne Young.
  • Science Factory for sharing your space!
  • Wenhui Qiu & Pammy Brutkus for assisting with activities at the Whitaker Headstart Carnival, Lindsey Piggott, Wenhui Qiu, & Pammy Brutkus for helping out at Adventure Fest, and Jo Victoria & Shannon Keener for staffing our Mount Pisgah Wildflower Festival booth. Shannon Keener and Laura Keizer for helping out with our June Nature Quest and Pammy Brutkus, Connor Henzel, Matt Sweeney, Tes Hart, Shannon Keener, Laura Keizer, and Kyle Meyer for dressing up as Kinder Critters at the Public Works Open House.
  •  Shannon Keener, Kyle Meyer, and Yvonne Young for getting out our spring newsletter and Sally Keller, Shannon Keener, Vicky Mello, and Jean Murphy for helping with our daycamps brochure mailing.
  • SOLVE and Willamalane for partnering with us and over 50 volunteers from Miller Coors for helping out at a park clean-up in June. We removed almost 200 pounds of trash and recyclables from our park and waterways. Thanks also to another 200+ volunteers, including students in the UO’s Environmental Studies 202 class, Learnscape Lunchers, Rachel Carson students, NCS students, and our interns for their work in the park and Learnscape since May. All combined, volunteers donated over 600 hours of their time!


Our Winter-Spring 2015 thanks to:

  • Phyllis and Dave Paden for repairing our old pond dipping nets, making new nets, and donating supplies. What a gift for our pond dipping-butterfly chasing kids! Thanks SO much!
  • Sariantra Kali for donating picture books for summer campers, Jo Niedeck for donating magnifying boxes for our school nature walks, and Bud Jones for donating worms for our new worm bin.
  • Bruce Newhouse and Peg Boulay for leading our Treefrog Tunes Nature Quest in March and Wenhui Qiu and Drew Kelly for assisting. Thanks also to Daniel Borson, aka Slug Queen Professor Slimbledore, Alex Metz, and Lindsay Piggott for helping out with our April Slime Time Quest!
  • Dave Walp for leading our Tracks and Traces Training for new nature guides in April and sharing his pelt specimens at our January Rodent Roadshow Nature Quest. Thanks also to Jasmine Lessing for assisting in January.
  • Tom Bettman for leading our February Pruning Workshop in the Learnscape and Cynthia Waters for helping to organize the event.
  • Sally Keller, Yvonne Young, Wenhui Qiu, Kyle Meyer, and Laura Keiser for helping with spring school visits.
  • Wenhui Qiu, Thomas Meinzen, Yvonne Young, Jasmine Lessing, and Alex Fadich for helping with January and February No School Days.
  • The Eugene Natural History Society, Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Tau Delta, the American English Institute, students from Sheldon High School, the Rachel Carson Academy, and the Network Charter School for 1,092 hours of restoration and gardening work since January.
  • Interns Sally Pierce, Brit Lilhedahl, Shelby Giancaspro, Derek Ma, and Drew Kelly for their hours of work in the park and Learnscape Gardens.


Our Fall 2014 thanks to:

  • Haunted Hike volunteers for 240 hours of service: our AMAZING Kinder Critters (Alicia Kristen, Erin Lamb, Jeff Letey, Phoebe Lett, Shaun Luhaorg, and Thomas Weaver), Amy Hart (aka Bat Woman), Daniel Borson (aka the Slug Queen), Collette Christian, Mike Pugh, and Amy Mahady plus their nine girl scouts from troop 20004 and their UO sorority friends, the Kohl’s Associates in Action (Jordan Parcel, Kara Beppu, Kristen Schlitt, Laramie Swartz-Vargas, Veronica Yaholkovsky, and Vikki Henry-Chrostek), the gals from Alpha Chi Omega (Arika Hendren, Cat Savattere, Courtney Grundstrom, Laura Rohde, and Rachell Brown), Anne Campbell, Beth Paull, Brandi Humphries, Chena Swanson, Claire Mallen, Connor Henzel, Cynthia Waters, Elizabeth Dickey, Erica Benedict-Barta, Gary Rost, Holly Hartmann, Ian Whitelaw, Jean Murphy, Jeff Niedeck, Joel Saito, Kyle Meyer, Laura Kaiser, Laurie Anderson, Leslie Kidd, Maia Kucera, Marissa Burns, Megan Bernatski, Megan Rouse, Michael Wherley, Oriana Hurwit, Rick Ahrens, Robert Kirkpatrick, Rosie Ramshaw, Salmon Stroich, Samara Phelps, Sam Mize, Sarah Craig, Scott Maguffin, Vicky Mello, & Wendy McKenzie.
  • Katie Bennett for leading a Hendricks Park nature walk, Yvonne Young, Alex Fadich, & Francesca Varela for assisting at our November Green Start program, Wenhui Qiu, Thomas Meinzen, & Phoebe Lett for assisting at our December Nature Quest, Wenhui Qiu for helping with our December library program, and Alex Fadich & Francesca Varela for helping with Hope in Action activities.
  • Saller Keller, Samara Phelps, Katrina Dorsey, Laura Kaiser, Thomas Meinzen, and Joel Saito for assisting with Play in the Rain Day activities.
  • Francesca Varela, Jean Murphy, Kyle Meyer, Sally Keller, Shaun Luhaorg, and Wenhui Qui for helping get out our fall fundraising mailing and Kyle Meyer for helping with our fall newsletter.
  • Sally Keller, Laura Kaiser, and Phoebe Lett for helping with fall school visits.
  • Friends of Hendricks Park for providing the grant that allowed us to host a Nature Quest and lead walks for 150 kids from Edison and Camas Ridge Elementary Schools in Hendricks Park this fall.
  • Cynthia Waters and the Master Gardeners for helping out with garden advice.
  • Interns Francesca Varela & Samantha Pruesner for help with fall garden and restoration projects.
  • The Science Factory for sharing space with us for fall nature walk programs.
  • UO Planning, Public Policy, and Management students Lisa MacAdam, Steve Rast, and Ann Salminen and Instructor Bob Choquette for their work on a strategic plan for Nearby Nature.
  • 45 students from Alpha Phi Omega & Kappa Delta for 145 hours spent removing invasive plants, planting native plants, and doing litter patrol, NCS students for 214 hours spent on restoration, litter patrol, and gardening projects, and Rachel Carson students from Churchill High School for 94 hours spent on restoration and litter patrol work.
  • A crew of 80+ United Way Day of Caring participants from Kohl’s, Weyerhaeuser, Oregon Community Credit Union, Oregon Medical Group, Palo Alto Software, EWEB, True Value, Fedex, and HASCA for 200+ hours of litter patrol and trail crew in Alton Baker Park.
  • Wells Fargo employees as well as other community members for participating in our September SOLVE Riverside Clean-up.
  • Fall Alton Baker Park guides: Alan Pittman, Christine Goldberg, Cynthia Waters, Jean Murphy, Michael Wherley, Rick Ahrens, Sally Keller, Sam Mize, Scott Maguffin, Thomas Weaver, Vicky Mello, Yvonne Young, Alex Fadich, Claire     Mallen, Jo Victoria, Kyle Meyer, Laura Kaiser, Phoebe Lett, Shaun Luhaorg, and Wenhui Qiu.
  • Jo Victoria for helping at our October No School Day and Alan Pittman for helping with Hendricks Park school nature walks.


Our Summer 2014 thanks to:

  • Summer daycamp interns: Amelia Remington, Eric Rosenfeld, Kate Jaffe, Marissa Burns, and Wenhui Qiu and adult volunteers Reed Wagner, Hannah Alverson, Mikayla MacKay, Cynthia Waters, Sam Mize, Jo Victoria, Megan Bernatski, Shuan Luhaorg, and Yvonne Young and Outdoor Leaders: Alexis Fadich, Connor Gabor, Kiddest Sinke, Madeline Selberg, Nathalie Marx, Sahalie Pittman, Thomas Meinzen, Chena Swanson, Maia Kucera, and Amber Toomb.
  • Shaun Luhaorg for assisting with our June Nature Quest and Rick Ahrens for assisting with our August Nature Quest.
  • Jared Pruch for providing a tour of the Beggren Demonstration Farm for our Stone Soup campers. Chip Kreiger for visiting our Dig It camp to talk about bees and beekeeping. Shannon at the Cuthbert Amphitheater for providing a tour for our Hazelnut Hollow Theater camp.



Our Spring 2014 thanks to:

  • Alton Baker Park school nature walk volunteers: Adrian Swain, Alan Pittman, Alex Nakamoto, Brandon Aye, Christine Goldberg, Clint Stevens, Connor Henzel, Cynthia Waters, Demaree Lind, Elli Brandt, Jean Murphy, Jo Victoria, Lindsey Hagmaier, Michael Wherley, Mikayla MacKay, Oriana Hurwitt, Patrick Verga, Rick Ahrens, Rory Monaghan, Sally Keller, Sam McLemore, Sam Mize, Sara Gally, Sarah Meyer, Scott Maguffin, Shaun Luhaorg, Souvanny Miller, Thomas Weaver, Vicky Mello, and Yvonne Young.
  • Christine Goldberg for dedicating her Thursday mornings to the Learnscape.
  • Our Network Charter School students and staff for 136 hours of work on restoration projects and 112 hours of work in the Learnscape and our Rachel Carson students and staff for 129 hours of restoration work since Spring Break. Thanks also to NCS Urban Ecology students for 28 hours of work in the Learnscape.
  • UO Environmental Studies students for volunteering 291 hours total at two park clean-ups.
  • Vicky Mello and Laurie Anderson for getting out our spring newsletter and our camp brochure.
  • Interns Alex Nakamoto, Mikayla MacKay, Lindsey Hagmaier, and Brandon Aye for assistance with office tasks and daycamp prep.
  • Spring Learnscape interns Olivia Reiter (120 hours), Jing Li (90 hours), Noah Saltman (120 winter-spring), and Restoration intern Shelby Serra (120 hours).
  • Eagle Scout Patrick Gunnink, Troop 182, and Patrick’s family for creating our lovely new garden gate for the Pollinator’s Playground.
  • Laura Taggart-Murphy and two co-workers from Abacam and Olivia Reiter for creating our human-sized meadowlark nest in the Nest outdoor classroom and Christine Goldberg, Olivia Reiter, and our NCS students for creating our new Bean Tunnel. Thanks to Steve Flanagan for collecting pole beans for the tunnel at the March Seed and Scion Swap and Ben Riley for cutting up tree rounds.
  • Lindsey Hagmaier, Linda Johnson, Bridgett Johnson, Nirmala Waterhouse, Samara Phelps, and Jean Murphy for staffing our Earth Day booth.
  • Rick Ahrens for starling-proofing the Park Host House.
  • Lindsey Hagmaier, Samara Phelps, Thomas Weaver, Oriana Hurwitt, Bridgett Johnson, Linda Johnson, and Brandon Aye for assisting with the Youth in Nature Partnership’s Adventure Fest.
  • 101+ volunteers from Comcast, the Kohl’s Associates in Action program, Nearby Nature, and the UO for putting in 313 hours at our Earth Day work party. Thanks especially to Fred Isanga, our Comcast contact, the City of Eugene for providing tools and behind the scenes support for the day’s projects, and SOLVE for helping recruit volunteers, providing background support, and making a grant to us for work party supplies
  • Lindsey Hagmaier for assisting with our May Fairies and Forts Nature Quest and Alex Nakamoto and Souvanny Miller for staffing our booth at the Headstart Family Activity Night.
  • Sara Gally, Souvanny Miller, Patrick Verga, Mikayla MacKay, and Linda Johnson for acting as Kinder Critters at the Public Works Open House.
  • Brandon Aye, Pat Hasbach, Cynthia Waters, Linda Johnson, Bridgett Johnson, Sarah Meyer, and Lindsey Hagmaier for staffing our booth and helping with set-up/take down at the Mount Pisgah Wildflower Festival.
  • Brandon Aye, Souvanny Miller, Mikayla Mackay, Carolyn Gilchriese, Ashley Red, Alex Nakamoto, Shelby Serra, Adrian Swain, Sara Gally, Vicky Mello, and five students from Phi Kappa Psi for helping at our May work party.


Our Winter-Spring 2014 thanks to:

  • Bruce Newhouse and Peg Boulay for leading our Treefrog Tunes Nature Quest in March.
  •  Intern Noah Saltzmann for his help in the Learnscape every Friday.
  • Volunteer Chelsea Klocke for her on-going help with restoration, litter pick-ups, and graffiti removal in the Whilamut Natural Area and planting natives in the Learnscape.
  • Christine Goldberg, Ed Peara, and Mylece Burling for volunteering in the Learnscape.
  • Our Network Charter School students for 84 hours of work on restoration projects and 66 hours of work in the Learnscape.
  • Alan Dickman’s ENVS 202 Class for 210 hours of work pulling ivy and planting Oregon white oaks in Alton Baker Park.
  • Vicky Mello, Laurie Anderson, and Jo Victoria for helping to get out our winter-spring newsletter.
  • Intern Alex Nakamoto assistance with school visits, daycamp materials organizing, postering, and volunteer outreach.
  • Winter Nature Quest volunteers Cynthia Waters and Alex Nakamoto.
  • Winter No School Day program volunteers: Cynthia Waters, Alex Nakamoto, and Emily Argo.


Our Fall 2013 thanks to:

  • Fall Alton Baker Park guides: Alan Pittman, Christine Goldberg, Cynthia Waters, Demaree Lind, Emily Argo, Holly Schnabel, Jean Murphy, Katie Bloom, Laurel Deitch, Michael Wherley, Myra Willard, Oriana Hurwitt, Patrick Verga, Richard Harris, Rick Ahrens, Sally Keller, Sam Mize, Sarah Meyer, Scott Maguffin, Souvanny Miller, Thomas Weaver, Vicky Mello, and Yvonne Young.
  • A crew of 47 United Way Day of Caring participants from Kohl’s, Weyerhaeuser, Pacific Continental Bank, The Turell Group, HACSA, and Oregon Community Credit Union for 158 hours of litter patrol in Alton Baker Park.
  • Haunted Hike volunteers: Alicia Kristen, Anna Stehle, Cormac Lichvarcik, Daniel Young, Ed Peara, Erin Reynolds, Jane Stehle-Bricker, Jean Murphy, Karlene Lichvarcik, Kathy Hoeg, Maeve Lamb, Romin Lichvarcik, Sahalie Pittman, Sierra McComas, Vera Lichvarcik, Anne Campbell, Beth Hoyt, Bill Wymer, Bridgett Johnson, Chris Geno, Chris Henry, Chrissy Stillman, Christine Goldberg, Clyde Miller, Cynthia Waters, Donald Burton, Emily Argo, Gary Rost, Holly Hartmann, Jeff Letey, Jeff Niedeck, Jordan Lanier, Katie Bennett, Katie Bloom, Kim Wymer, Laurel Deitch, Laurie Anderson, Linda Johnson, Maia Kucera, Megan Bernatzki, Mikaela Stumps, Oriana Hurwit, Quentin Furrow, Rebecca Daniels, Richard Harris, Rosie Ramshaw, Sam Mize, Samara Phelps, Sarah McClain, Sarah Meyer, Scott Maguffi n, Skyler, Souvanny Miller, Thomas Weaver, Vicky Mello, Wendy McKenzie, Will Bland, and our NCS students.
  • 72 volunteers from the UO’s Holden Center for 180 hours in the park cutting blackberries for the UO’s Make a Difference Day in October.
  • Our Rachel Carson student volunteers for 132 hours and our NCS students for 264 hours of restoration work in the park in October and November. NCS Students for 64+ hours of work on the Learnscape in November.
  • UO’s Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity for 21 hours of work in the Learnscape. UO’s Delta Sigma Phi pledges for 36 hours in the Learnscape in November.
  • Intern Zack Gjullin for 90+ hours of fall restoration work and
    to volunteer Chelsey Klocke for 28 hours of fall work in the park.
  • Vicky Mello, Laurie Anderson, Emily Argo, and Sally
    Keller for helping to get out our fall fundraising mailing.
  • Emily Argo and Katie Bloom for helping with school walks
    and daycamps organizing and watershed model creation.
  • Play in the Rain Day helpers: Linda and Bridgett Johnson,
    Emily Argo, Sam Mize, Sally Keller, Demaree Lind, Maia
    Kucera, and Leslie Kidd.
  • Fall No School Day program volunteers: Cynthia Waters, Richard Harris, Sarah Meyer, and Souvanny Miller.

Our Summer 2013 thanks to:

  • Interns Ryan Henry, Adrian Robbins, and Sierra McComis for 240 hours of summer work in the Learnscape and to volunteer Chelsey Kloche for joining us late this summer and continuing into the fall with her work in the park.
  • Eagle Scout Tyler Alger for building us two new picnic tables.
  • Summer Outdoor Leaders Christian Gabor, Elizabeth Renchler, Nathalie Marx, Lily Stehle, Havana Jones, Anna Ross, Jordan Planck, Connor Gabor, Sahalie Pittman, and Kieryian Rock, and adult volunteers Cynthia Waters, Hannah Alverson, Makenzie Shepherd, Read Wagar, Alex Abair and Will Bland, and interns Megan Bernatzki, Kristin Gloystein, Zoe Weiss and Michael Nilson.
  • Eugene Celebration booth staffers: Havana Jones, Jeff Niedeck, Angela  Sterpka, Cynthia Waters, Oriana Hurwitt, Rosie Ramshaw, and Jean Murphy. Jean also helped with library programs.
  • Springfield Summerfest volunteers: Vicky Mello, Sarah Meyer, Alex Abair, Jeff Niedeck, & Jo Niedeck.
  • Summer Nature Quest assistants Rick Ahrens and Sarah McClain.


Our Winter 2012-Spring 2013 thanks to:

  • Nature Quest helpers: Alex Abair & Daniel Borson.
  • CPC members Vicky Mello, David Sonnichsen, Kate Kerschweiler, Elliot McIntire, John Andriola, Mary Morrison, and Jim Trimboli for nearly 20 hours of volunteer time helping plant a new wildflower bed near the Frohnmayer Footbridge.
  • 50 students from the Sigma Pi fraternity and the Sigma Mu Omega sorority plus our NCS students and Rachel Carson students for work on the Whilamut Gateway project.
  • Fall-Winter School Visit Assistants: Jason Pankiowicz-Waldram, Rosie Ramshaw, Erin Moody, and Sally Keller.
  • Nature Quest helpers: Angela Sterpka and Johnmichael Lahtren.
  • Winter newsletter mailers: Vicky Mello and Laurie Anderson & Summer Daycamp brochure mailers: Alex Abair, Vicky Mello, and Laurie Anderson.
  • Eagle Scout Derek Purdy, his dad Randy Purdy, and friend Mitch Hutchinson, along with Derek’s Troop #177 for completing our Outdoor Lab and doing two ivy pulls in the Whilamut Gateway corridor.
  • Eagle Scout Seth Koboldt for building and and painting two wonderful new picnic tables.
  • Our NCS and Rachel Carson students for 96 hours each of winter restoration and Learnscape work and fall volunteer and winter Intern Roxy Olsson for her work in the  Learnscape, especially the new Raspberry Run!
  • January & February No School Day volunteers: Jason Pankiowicz-Waldram and Mary Blain.
  • Bruce Newhouse and Peg Boulay for leading our March Treefrog Tunes Nature Quest.
  • Alan Pittman for designing and building our fabulous new office shelves.
  • Alan Dickman’s UO Environmental Studies students for 330 hours of ivy pulling in the Whilamut Gateway corridor.
  • Spring Alton Baker Park walks interns, guides, and assistants:    Abby Batz, Alan Pittman, Alex Abair, Alexis Ferrera, Claire Mallen, Cynthia Waters, Jean Murphy, Jim Trimboli, Johnny Dennis, Kristin Anderson, Madee Chase, Mary Blain, Michael Wherley, Oriana Hurwitt, Patrick Verga, Rick Ahrens, Rosie Ramshaw, Sally Keller, Sam Mize, Sam McLemore, Sarah Mclain, Scott Maguffin, Souvanny Miller, Vicky Mello, and Will Bland.
  • Mount Pisgah Wildflower Festival booth staffers: Sam Mize, Alex Abiar, Linda Johnson, Bridgett Johnson, Jim Trimboli, Alexis Ferrera, Mary Blain, and Claire Mallen and Earth Day booth staffers: Souvanny Miller, Abby Batz, Cynthia Waters, and Alex Abair.
  • Spring Restoration Intern Pamela Abreu for 120 hours of work on restoration projects in the park.
  • April No School Day Helper: Cynthia Waters.
  • Eugene Public Works Open House Kinder Critters: Johnny Dennis, Alexis Ferrera, Patrick Verga, Rosie Ramshaw, Linda Johnson, Erica Benedict-Barta, and Cynthia Waters.
  • Our Rachel Carson High School students for 96 hours of restoration work and our Network Charter School students for 120 hours of Learnscape work since April.
  • Six students from the UO Honors College for 18 hours of restoration work and 13 students from the UO’s Holden Center for 36 hours of restoration work.
  • REI for partnering with us and bringing shirts, snacks, and raffle prizes for the 23 volunteers who did 69 hour of park caretaking projects at our June 1st National Trails Day celebration. Thanks also to Kohl’s Associates in Action for helping at this event.
    SOLVE for partnering with us at our Earth Day Park Clean-up and a great group of 20 people for 60 hours of litter patrol at the event.
  • Interns Joseph Laskin, Sarah Slager, Sydney Clagett Jenna Salazar, Connor Shields, Adrian  Robins, and Christopher Geno  for 480 hours of work in the Learnscape. 
  • Winter-Spring School Visit Assistants:  Sally Keller, Rosie Ramshaw, and Cynthia Waters.
  • Spring Kinder Critter Assistants: Sally Keller and Rosie Ramshaw.
  • Spring newsletter mailers Vicki Mello and Laurie Anderson &
  • Summer Daycamp brochure mailers: Vicki Mello, Laurie Anderson, and Alex Abair.

Our Fall 2012 thanks to:

  • Alton Baker Park guides: Alan Pittman, Alex Abair, Ben Chilton, Chrissy Stillman, Cynthia Waters, Erin Moody, Holly Schnabel, Jason Pankiowicz-Waldram, Jean Murphy, Kristin Anderson, LaurieGerloff, Mary Blain, Michael Wherley Oriana Kahn Hurwitt, Paula Wright Rebecca Toews, Rick Ahrens, Rosie Ramshaw, Sally Keller Sam Bartish, Sarah Meyer, Scott Maguffin, Souvanny Miller, Vicky Mello, and Will Bland.

  • Haunted Hike Critters: Alicia Kristen, Donald Burton, Erica DeJong, Erin Moody, Jeff Letey, Rebecca Toews, Rosie Ramshaw. These folks deserve a HUGE round of applause!
  • Haunted Hike volunteers from Kohls Associates in Action: Adriana, Carol, Cindy, Connie, Jennifer, Lisa, and Vikki. These folks really helped round out our event day crew!
  • Haunted Hike planning, set up, and day of event activity volunteers: Alissa Manske, Beth Hoyt, Bridgett Johnson, Chris Henry, Chrissy Stillman, Corie Hinton, Elly Grogan, Gary Rost, Holly Hartmann, Holly Schnabel, Ian Whitelaw, Jean Murphy, Joel Grogan, Linda Johnson, Mary Blain, Michael Wherley, Mimi Loughney, Mylece Burling, Quentin Furrow, Rick Ahrens, Sally Keller, Samara Phelps, Sarah Meyer, Vicky Mello, and Will Brand.
  • Pumpkin Carvers: Ed Peara, Jean Murphy, Chris Henry, Erin Moody, Jason Pankiowicz-Waldram, Alex Abair, Maeve Lamb, Sahalie Pittman, Emma Peara, Alexandra & Heather Sielicki, Heidi & Tatum Zola, Kat & Logan Griffin, Tatiana Muzica, our NCS students, and Lillian, Ray, Gabriella & Celeste Richarson.
  • Fall newsletter stuffers: Laurie Anderson, Laurie Gerloff, and Chris Henry.
  • Carl Rungard for all of his hours of graffiti removal and litter patrol in Alton Baker Park.
  • Pip (Philip) Allen, Ian Whitelaw, and Chris Henry for all of their work on our new Outdoor Lab.
  • Fall No School Day Volunteers: Chris Henry and Jason Pankiowicz-Waldram.
  • Capella Fundraiser booth staffers: Linda and Bridgett Johnson
  • Fall Learnscape intern Chris Henry for 120+ hours of work on our bokashi composting and new outdoor lab. Volunteer Sander Cole for creating lampwork glass native butterfly sculptures for our Learnscape.
  • Mushroom Festival staffers: Ben Chilton, Cynthia Waters, Leslie Kidd; Play in the Rain Day assistants: Scott Maguffin, Linda Johnson, Bridgett Johnson, Britni Cacan, Justin McCormick, Ali Vendall, Sally Keller, Alex Abair, Rebecca Toews, Alicia Kristen, Robert Kirkpatrick.

Our Summer 2012 thanks to:

  • Summer daycamp interns Daniel Sapiro, Ariel Vieweg, and Kristy Granger and our adult volunteers Sam Haglund, Cynthia Waters, Stacey Reynolds, Will Bland, Erin Moody, and Dylan Anslow.
  • Summer Learnscape interns, Cody Schenk, Danny Meuse, Natalie Otto, Minami Yamaya, and Sander Cole for 540 hours bringing our Learnscape to life for our campers. Thanks to Sander for creating glass art of native butterflies for the butterfly garden.
  • Teen Outdoor Leaders Christian Gabor, Megan Bernatzki, Hannah Alverson, Aidan LaCroix, Adria Rosebrook, Lily Stehle, Madeleine Rosebrook, Madeleine Peara, Michael Siddel, Havana Jones, Anna Ross, Elizabeth Renchler, Haile Tanner, Madison Kleiner, Natalie Marx, and Kyler Stevens.
  • Eugene Celebration and Whiteaker River Festival booth staffers: Brian Miller, Linda and Bridgett Johnson, and Cynthia Waters.
  • Summer Kinder Critter Rebecca Toews.
  • SOLVE for partnering with us at the September 23 River and Beachside Clean-up and Wells Fargo employees for helping at the event.
  • United Way for sending us volunteers from Pentagon Federal Credit Union, EWEB, Weyerhaeuser, and Trillium Community Health Plan and all the folks from these businesses for their hard work on September 19th.
  • David Glausi, who completed his Eagle Scout project at Nearby Nature by building an entrance gate with a living roof structure. Thanks to his parents Joe and Lisa Glausi, and Troop 279, for practical support in building the entrance gate, and to his parents and his grandfathers Otto Glausi and Dave Menzies for donations to the project. Thanks to Trace Stanley of IB Roofing for building support and for donating the living roof materials.


Our Winter 2011-Spring 2012 thanks to:

  • Daycamp brochure and 20th postcard mail stuffers: Heather Anderson, Vicky Mello, Oriana Hurwitt, and Sally Keller.
  • Spring Alton Baker Park walks interns, guides, and assistants: Alan Pittman, Avery Maverick, Betty Grant, Britani Cacan, Carlene Ho, Chikana Iida, Cynthia Waters, Emma Bacharach, Erica Benedict-Barta, , Erin Moody, Henry Ross, Jean Murphy, Jo Ellen Niedeck, Kristin Anderson, Laurie Gerloff, Mimi Loughney, Michael Wherley, Oriana Hurwitt, Rick Ahrens, Sally Keller, Sam Haglund, Sarah Meyer, Scott Maguffin, Sola Toshima, Souvanny Miller, Timothy Pillow, Vicky Mello and Will Bland.
  • Mount Pisgah Wildflower Festival booth staffers: Jo Niedeck, Cynthia Waters, Linda Johnson, and Bridgett Johnson and Earth Day booth staffers: Leslie Kidd, Erin Moody, and Cynthia Waters.
  • Spring No School Day Helpers: Erin Moody and Sam Haglund.
  • 20th Birthday Party volunteers: Beth Hoyt, Will Bland, Souvanny Miller, Linda Johnson, Donald Burton, Erin Lamb, Erica DeJong, Jeff Letey, Amber Lippert, Carlene Ho, Cynthia Waters, Jean Murphy, Jo Ellen Niedeck, Sally Keller, Sam Haglund, Vicky Mello, Megan Bernatski, Holly Hartmann, Thea Evanstad, Leslie Kidd, Sierra Predovich, Bridgett Johnson, Denise Velasco, Wendy McKenzie, Zack Powell, Gary Rost, Quentin Furrow, and Alan Pittman. 
  • City of Eugene Public Works Open House Kinder Critters: Sola Toshima, Rebecca Toews, Linda Johnson, Laurie Gerloff, Mimi Loughney, Erica Benedict-Barta, and Cynthia Waters.
  • Erin Moody and Cynthia Waters for helping organize the Nature Hut for daycamps.  
  • Our Rachel Carson High School students for 30 hours in Wildflower Hollow and our Network Charter School students for 216 hours in the Learnscape and Wildflower Hollow since April.
  • SOLV for partnering with us at our Earth Day Park Clean-up and 90 members of the UO sorority Kappa Alpha Theta and their partner fraternity for helping at the event.
  • Eagle Scout Haden Miles and his crew for renovating our tool shed and building benches for the Learnscape.
  • Interns Zane Yamashita-DeSantis, Lindsey Russell, and Jennifer Marks and volunteer Sydney Powell for 360 hours of work in the Learnscape.
  • Boy Scout Troop 1000 and volunteers Cynthia Waters and David Nestor for all sorts of work in the Learnscape.
  • Green Giving partner David Wagner for teaching a Lessons in the Learnscape workshop in May.
  • Green Giving Partner Corie Hinton for painting a beautiful mural on our front door.

Our Fall 2011 thanks to:

  • Haunted Hike and Pumpkin Carving volunteers: Alissa Manske, Amber Lippert, Andy White, Anndee-Burchett-Anya-and-Pax Llyod, Anna Bradley, Bill Bridmon, Bridget Johnson, Carlene Ho, Charlie Horowitz, Danielle Fernandez, Ed Peara, Erin-Sam-and-Maeve Lamb, Elizabeth Wymer, Erica DeJong, Grace Burnham, Heather-and-Alexandra Sielicki, Holly Hartmann, Ian Whitelaw, Jadon Gruwell, Jean Murphy, Jeff Letey, Jim Norland, Joel Grogan, Katie Kuber, Kim Wymer, Leslie Kidd, Linda Johnson, Madeleine Rosebrook, Matt Bradley, Megan Bernatzki, Mel Greenspan, Michael Wherley, Ryan Bleam, Sami Levy, Sola Toshima, Souvanny Miller, Sydney Clagett, Tegan Firth, Thea Evenstad, Veronika Jonsson, Wendy McKenzie, Will Bland, and 19 students from the UO’s Make a Difference Day program.
  • Fall Alton Baker Park walks guides: Betty Grant, Carlene Ho, Charlie Horowitz, Dona Shields, Bella Music, Jean Murphy, Jo Ellen Niedeck, Lauren Rodgers, Michael Wherley, Oriana Hurwitt, Rebecca Toews, Ryan Bleam, Sally Keller, Sami Levy, Sola Toshima, Souvanny Miller, Sydney Clagett, Thea Evenstad, Thia Bell, Vicky Mello, Will Bland.
  • Play in the Rain Day Volunteers: Will Bland, Sola Toshima, Rebecca Toews, and Sami Levi.
  • Fall School visits volunteers: Sally Keller, Will Bland, Oriana Hurwitt, Sola Toshima, Kelli Mae Willis, Rebecca Toews, Sami Levi, and Betty Grant.
  • Fall newsletter and end-of-year letter mail stuffers: Will Bland, Sola Toshima, Souvanny Miller, Sami Levy.

Our Summer 2011 thanks to:

  • Summer Daycamp Interns Bella Music, Max Elias, Jordan Wildish, and Jeff Randel, adult volunteer Katie Kuber, and Outdoor Leaders Michael Siddel, Christian Gabor, Hannah Alverson, Megan Bernatzki, Read Wagar, and Dylan Anslow, Claire Cornwell, Lizzie Cordoso Mann, Evan Stone, Lily Stehle, Willow Groberg, Liz Maynard, Aidan LaCroix, Clare McDonald, and Madeleine Rosebrook.
  • Summer Nature Quest assistant: Rick Ahrens.
  • Summer Learnscape Interns Amber Sachs and Brian Miller for 300 hours of work on the Learnscape and the NCS School Garden.
  • Summer booth staff Linda & Bridget Johnson.
  • Summer newsletter mailers: Vicky Mello and Laurie Anderson.
  • Laurie Anderson, Linda Johnson, and Bridget Johnson for helping with the NCS move.
  • Thanks so much to the volunteers who helped out at our September work parties in Alton Baker Park. At the SOLV park clean-up on September 17th, 26 people, including employees from Fred Meyer as well as a group of Girl Scouts, spent 78 hours total in the park picking up 36 bags of trash. At the United Way’s Day of Caring clean up on September 26th, another 37 people, including employees from the Oregon Research Institute, the Pentagon Federal Credit Union, Pacific Benefits Consultants, and Weyerhaeuser, donated 111 hours of their time to pick up 45 bags of trash.



Our Spring 2011 thanks to:

  • UO Architecture students led by Pip Allen for designing our future outdoor covered work area. The structure is currently awaiting approval through the City’s CIPDP process - watch for an invitation to the building party for this project!
  • Rachel Carson High School students for help in Wildflower Hollow and for weeding the Walama Butterfly Meadow with Walama Restoration.
  • A great crew of Boy Scouts for their June park clean-up and Learnscape maintenance. Special thanks to Jeff Rowberry for facilitating this project in partnership with Nearby Nature, United Way, School Garden Project, and the City of Eugene.
  • ATA 6th graders for working on the Learnscape
  • SOLV for partnering with us for a park clean-up in April and REI for help with the National Trails Day clean-up in June and our Nature Quest in May.
  • Sarah Whitney’s LCC Water Conservation Class for designing irrigation for next year’s garden.
  • Walk on the Wild Side volunteers: Linda and Bridget Johnson, Sarah de Mont, Sarah Pishioneri, Bella Music, Linda Runyan, Allana Morrison, Emily Hollern, NCS students, and Cynthia Waters.
  • Spring Nature Quest assistants: Bella Music and Emily Hollern.
  • Mount Pisgah Wildflower Festival helpers: Sarah Pishioneri and Jeff Janoff.
  • Spring Learnscape Interns: Justin Lacasse, Emily Pelissier, Sarah DeMont, Shihori Kozuma, Molly Cheek, and dedicated volunteer Allana Morrison for over 660 hours of work.
  • Alton Baker Park Nature Guides and Interns: Ben Chilton. Betty Grant, Charlie Horowitz, Dona Shields, Emily Hollern, Bella Music, Jackson Blackburn, Jim Norland, Jeff Janoff, Jenny Laxton, Kateri Woestman, Kathryn Napolio, Kristin Anderson, Leah Hall, Liam Grist, Martin Lindenmeyer, Michael Wherley, Rick Ahrens, Sally Keller, Sam Wotipka, Sander Cole, Sarah Pishioneri, SierraPredovich, Sydney Clagett, Thea Evenstad, and Vicky Mello.

  • School visit interns: Caitlyn White, Kris Posta, Oona Badgley, and Samantha Buchheit and program assistants Sally Keller, YiHsuan Yang, Kristin Anderson, Emily Hollern, and Jenny Laxton.

  • Daycamp brochure stuffers: Dona Shields, Justin Lacasse, and Laurie Anderson.

  • Dave Wagner for teaching a Lessons in the Learnscape workshop.

  • Board member Jane Happy, who is taking a leave from the Board to spend more time with family. Jane has volunteered at Nearby Nature in a variety of capacities for most of the group’s existence. We have so appreciated Jane’s thoughtful and wise contributions as a Board member over the past seven years and look forward to finding new ways to involve her in our work Thanks so much, Jane. We will miss you dearly! 
  • Board member Jackie Marlette, who has also helped out at Nearby Nature in many ways over the years. We will miss Jackie’s input regarding fundraising and organizational matters, but we look forward to seeing her new baby at our events in the future!

Our Winter 2011 thanks to:

  • Bruce Newhouse, Peg Boulay, and Don Lown for leading winter Nature Quests and Oona Badgley and Samantha Buchheit for serving as assistants.
  • All the folks who spent time with Nearby Nature and its partners on restoration and Learnscape projects (1,785+ hours!) in the park this fall and winter. This crew included volunteers from the Cities of Eugene and Springfield, Oregon Imaging, Enterprise, Fred Meyer, the Oregon Community Credit Union, Wells Fargo, three Girl Scout troops, Nearby Nature, the UO’s Environmental Studies Program, Sigma Kai, and the community in general. Thanks also to Nearby Nature’s interns, students from the Network Charter School’s Forest Ecology class, and students from Churchill High School’s Rachel Carson Program.

  • School visits assistants Sally Keller and Jenny Laxton.
  • Winter interns Oona Badgley, Chris Posta, YiHsuan Yang, Samantha Buchheit, and Caitlyn White.

Our FALL 2010 thanks to:

  • Ian Whitelaw for loaning us all of his equipment for the Haunted Hike AND making us a map of what to do with it!
  • All the amazing folks who have helped to give our home in Alton Baker Park a facelift this fall! From painting to moving furniture, we could not have done it without you! Thanks so much Kyra Storojev, Rachel Tochen, Krystal Young, Lisa Erkert, Leslie Kidd, Leslie Peters, Melissa, Liza Kachko, Carolyn Munroe, Thea Evenstad, Billy Hughes, Kari Berg, Melanie Glock, Robert Dike, Sally Keller, and Devonia Stein.
  • The kind folks at Central Valley Cycle for welding our Critter Quest table for free.

  • A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village Museum, Bambini, Brush Fire Pottery, Alan & Janet Butler & the Martin Luther King Education Center Horticulture Program, Cafe Mam, Cafe Yumm, Capella Market, Cascades Raptor Center, Cozmic Pizza, David Minor Theater, Eugene Local Foods, Eugene Toy and Hobby, Euphoria Chocolate, Fridays at the Farm, Eliel Fionn (Artist, Saturday Market), Excelsior Inn, Glenwood Restaurant, Holy Doughnuts, Imagine Gallery, Jim Goranson (Saturday Market Batik Artist),  Jim and Tracy Keith (Pioneer Pottery, Saturday Market), Katharine Emlen (Photographer), Kidstuff, Lane Transit District (LTD), Laughing Planet, Lord Leebrick Theatre Co., Me and Moore, Mezza Luna Pizzaria, Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, Noelle Dass (Saturday Market Artist), Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm, Off the Waffle, Onsen Hot Tubs, Organically Grown, Papa John’s Pizza 29th, Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life, Safeway on 18th, Science Factory, The Shedd, Skipping Stones Magazine, Becky Smith (Massage Therapist), STUDIO-E architecture, St. Vincent de Paul, Sweet Life Patisserie, Track Town Pizza on Franklin Blvd., Trader Joe’s, UO Art Museum, The Vintage Restaurant, Watermelon Kidz, and the WOW Hall for Haunted Hike food and raffle donations!

  • All of our wonderful Haunted Hike volunteers: Oona Badgley, Leslie Kidd, Alice Baldyga, Linda and Bridget Johnson, Kate Crossman, Vicky Mello, Chris Duke, Jim Norland, Donald Burton, Jeff Letey, Brendan Currie, Rachelle Perkins, Erica DeJong, Jenny Laxton, Amber Lippert, Katie Perle, Matt Bradley, Boki, Maddie Allen, Tim Keller, Cheyenne, Mylece, Sierra Predovich, Jillian Tally, Holly Hartmann, Alissa Manske, Natasha Steinmann, Birget Eichman, Megan B, Elizabeth Wymer, Emily Holman, Hannah Alverson, Kim Wymer, Bill Wymer, Bill Brigmon, and Dan Perambo.
  • Maddie Allen and Natasha Steinmann for helping with Nature Quests.

  • SOLV and the Oregon Lottery for new gloves and a mini-grant of $100 for a new wheelbarrow.

Our SUMMER 2010 thanks to:

  • Kristen DeHaven for serving on our Board of Directors since December 2007. Kristen is a student at Northwest Christian College. She served as an Outdoor Leader for our summer camps in 2007 and 2008 and as an office assistant in the Fall of 2007. Thanks so much for all of your help with our programs, Kristen!
  • Summer adult volunteers and interns: Ted Sweeney, Dan Higgs, Sarah Hedden, and Scott Sneed, and Outdoor Leaders Allison Wonn, Cassy Driscoll, Christian Gabor, Dylan Anslow, Evelyn Mailander, Hannah Alverson, Hannah Galka, Holly Brown, Kelsey Inskeep, Liz Maynard, Matt Tendick, Megan Bernatzki, Michael Siddel, Nora Elam, Read Wagar, Selina Fillinger, Taylor Bruce, and Zhanna Kinane.
  • Art in the Vineyard helpers: Sarah Hedden, Sally Keller, Ali Cooper, and Hannah Alverson. Eugene Celebration helpers: Linda Johnson, Denise Velasco, and Ali Cooper. Springfield SummerFest volunteers: Linda and Bridget Johnson.
  • Co-motion Cycles, the UO Urban Farm, and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for providing free daycamp field trips and presentations and the River House for rafting scholarships. The Cascades Raptor Center and the School Garden Project for partnering with us on camps.

Our SPRING 2010 thanks to:

  • Don Lown and the Kiwanis Club for building our beautiful new covered bike shed!
  • Track Town on Franklin Blvd. for holding a fundraiser for our Youth Scholarship Fund in April! And thanks to the folks who joined us that night for pizza!

  • Spring nature guides: Ali Cooper, Alice Baldyga, Amy Heimbecher, Austin Diamond, Ben Chilton, David Parziale, Jenna Starr, Jess Lambright, Jessica Maine, Jillian Tally, Julia Grebultowicz, Krystal Young, Liz Sherwin, Maddie Allen, Marissa Bossue, Michael Wherley, Molly Lott, Nicolette Getty-Beck, Olivia Hurd, Rick Ahrens, Sally Keller, Sierra Predovich, Stacie Haus, Thea Evenstad, Tom Hallberg, Vicky Mello, and Willis Logsdon.
  • David Parziale, Krystal Young, Christine Adnani, and Alice Baldyga for working in the Learnscape. 
  •  Thirty Rachel Carson High School students for 630 hours of restoration and litter patrol work since Septemeber. NCS students for countless hours working in the park.
  •  Krystal Young, Julia Giebultowicz, Ali Cooper, Liz Sherwin, Tom Hallberg, and Rachel Latham for helping with spring No School Day programs and Amy Bowers for helping with a Nature Quest, and Vicky Mello, Sarah Holston, Olivia Hurd, and Maddie Allen for help with our daycamps mailing.
  •  Wings and Wine helpers: Ali Cooper and Olivia Hurd, Mt. Pisgah Wildflower Festival helpers: Sarah Holston, Olivia Hurd, Julia Giebultowicz, Maddie Allen and Ali Cooper, Earth Day volunteers: Tom Hallberg, Maddie Allen, Alice Baldyga, Jessica Maine, and Olivia Hurd, Science Factory Open House helper: Maddie Allen, Cozmic Pizza Family Night helpers: Olivia Hurd, Sarah Holston, and Alice Baldyga
  • I Spy Spring donors: Wendy Loren, Organically Grown Co-op, the UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History, Saturday Market, Backcountry Gear Limited, and the Actor’s Cabaret of Eugene.
  • I Spy Spring volunteers: Denise Velasco, Crystal Strege, Rhian Pyke, Amber Lippert, John Mackin, Rachel Latham, Jillian Tally, Julia Giebultowicz, Sarah Holston, and Krystal Young.
  •  ELAW for donating bamboo and the School Garden Project and Laurel Valley Educational Farm for donating plants.



Our WINTER 2010 thanks to:

  • Papa’s Pizza on 11th Avenue for sponsoring a fundraising day for our Rachel Carson High School restoration partnership in December.
  • Jessicca Laughlin for donating a classy bookcase and Anne Bonine for donating a lovely hummingbird poster. What an office facelift!
  • Jill Hoyenga from EWEB for donating several portable interpretive sign pedestals.
  • Chris Orsinger and Becky Smith for donating cute kid-sized garden tools and Wendy Loren for donating nature stamps and ink.
  • Sally Keller, Amy Bowers, Tom Hallberg, Sarah Holston, Nicolette Getty-Beck, Tanya Homrichhausen, and Molly Lott for helping with School Visits.
  • Krystal Young for helping with Learnscape garden projects and Austin Diamond for helping with park restoration, our new blog, and this newsletter.
  • Duncan Geisler, Amy Bowers, Tom Hallberg, and Nicolette Getty-Beck for helping with all sorts of office projects this winter and spring.
  • Duncan Geisler, Toll Hallberg, and Nicolette Getty-Beck for helping with winter No School Day programs and Amy Bowers for helping with Nature Quests.
  • Amy Bowers, Tom Hallberg, and Duncan Geisler for helping staff our Winter UO Intern fair booth.
  • Board member Cynthius Scanlon for her many thoughtful contributions to our work over the last year plus. Cynthius is leaving our Board to spend more time with her family. We wish her all the best and hope to see her and her family at a Nearby Nature event soon!

Our FALL 2009 thanks to:

  • Our fall nature guides: Rick Ahrens, Vicky Mello, Sally Keller, Nicolette Getty, Kaity Heflin, Anna Bradley, Chris Duke, Duncan Geisler, Jess Lambright, Jessica Stein, Matt Bradley, Michael Wherley, Thea Evenstad, Jack Boucke,  Amy Heimbecher, Ben Chilton, and Casey Pagels.

  • Folks who helped with the Haunted Hike: Donald Burton, Jeff Letey, Kaity Heflin, Brendan Currie, Amber Lippert, Anna Bradley, Kate Perle, Amanda Buckminster, Bill Brigmon, Chris Duke, Dan Perambo, Denise Velasco, Duncan Geisler, Hannah Alverson, Holly Hartmann, Ian Whitelaw,  Jen Jackson, Jennel Hauck, Jess Lambright, Jessica Stein, Kim Wymer, Bill Wymer, Elizabeth Wymer, Kristen DeHaven, Matt Bradley, Michael Wherley, Rebecca Daniels, Reny Ferrari, Saige Kopack, Sarah Pond, Sierra Predovich, Thea Evenstad, and Wendy McKenzie.

  • Casey Pagels and Maureen McClain for work on our worm bin and NCS students for planting and mulching our gardens. Thanks also to 25 folks from the Pentagon Federal Credit Union and EWEB for weeding, planting, and mulching the Learnscape. 

  • In partnership with the City of Eugene Stream Team and REI, thanks to 61 people from Oregon Medical Group, Oregon Imaging Center, EWEB, and the Pentagon Federal Credit Union for picking up 78 bags of trash! In partnership with SOLV and REI, thanks to the 17 people, including folks from the UO Clark Honors College, who weeded invasives in Wildflower Hollow. In partnership with Oregon River Sports thanks to Alpha Phi Omega and the others who helped at the Canoe Canal Clean-up.

  • Folks who helped at Nature Quests: Duncan Geiser and Read Wagar.

Our SUMMER 2009 thanks to:

  • Our daycamp volunteers: Laura Taggart-Murphy, Rachel Tochen, Vicky Mello, Yael Grundstein, Tracy Wright, Nicolette Getty, Meesh Michan, Sarah Jo Pond, Clare Gordon, Aimee Fischer, Cai Pruzynski, Chris Duke, Creed Harmon, Danley Stutzman, Evelyn Mailander, Hannah Alverson, Julia Grebultowicz, Megan Bernatzki, Michael Siddel, Nora Elam, Olivia Clingman-White, Christian Gabor, Read Wagar, Selina Fillinger, Zhanna Kinane, and Sally Keller.

  • Folks who worked in our summer Learnscape: Trish Butcher, Don Lown, Meraiah, Paul Khoury, Taylor, Amie Lamb, and Emily Ehle and our Grand Opening volunteers: Mary Wetherbe, Amber Lippert, Don Lown, Trish Butcher, Thea Evenstad, and Holly Hartmann. Special thanks to The Blair Street Mugwumps for the toe-tapping music, Jared Pruch of the School Garden Project, Leisha Wood of BRING, Dave Cayfe—Master Composter with River House, and Wandering Goat, Toby’s Family Foods, Humble Bagel, and New Day Bakery for food.

  • Folks who helped at Nature Quests: Meg Bernatzki, Zhanna Kinane, and Amber Lippert and at Art in the Vineyard: Hannah Alverson, Rachel Tochen, Nora Elam, Meg Bernatzki, Yael Grundstein, Read Wagar, Chris Duke, Creed Harmon, and Zhanna Kinane.

  • Eugene Celebration parade-marchers: Nicolette Getty, Thea Evenstad, the Peara-Cantril family, the Stein-Pittman family, Howard Kopp, Elyse Perambo, Blair Girard, the Khoury family, and the Lamb family. Thanks to table sitters Ben Chilton and Chris Duke.

  • EWEB and John Femal for donating daycamp supplies and the School Garden Project, the Cascades Raptor Center, and Walama Restoration for helping with and hosting camps. Thanks for presentations and tours to: Chris Nelson of Bike Friday, Dave Walp, Kelly Reis of Oregon Fish and Game, Mike Bellmore of the Stream Team, Liza Kachko of Walama Restoration, Harper Keeler of the UO Urban Farm, and Dwan Sheppard at Co-Motion Bicycles.

A big LATE SPRING 2009 thanks to:

  • Our spring school nature walks guides: Anna Bradley, Ben Chilton, Earl Dill, Jack Boucke, Jenna Kulluson, Laura Taggart- Murphy, Matt Bradley, Melanie Martin, Michael Wherley, Monica Ortiz, Rachel Tochen, Rick Ahrens, Sally Keller, Samara Phelps, Thea Evenstad, Vicky Mello, and Zoe Walmer

  • A special thanks to our spring interns: Yael Grundstein, Tracy Wright, Sierra Predovich, Renee Gabriel, Nicolette Getty-Beck, Meesh Michan, Sarah Jo Pond, and Clare Gordon. See Cheers for Extra Special Volunteers!

  • The Herpetological Society for sharing critters at the Egg Walk.

  • Our Egg Walk volunteers: Laura Taggart-Murphy, Monica Oritz, Elyse Perambo, Dan Perambo, Samara Phelps, Clare Bennett, Kate Perle, Anna Bradley, Donald Burton, Jeff Letey, Thea Evenstad, Larissa Weirich, Kristen DeHaven, Clare Gordon, Holly Rockwell, Jackie Marlette, Renee Gabriel, Meesh Michan, Alissa Kirkpatrick, Jane Happy, Sierra Predovich, Ashlin Aronin, Nicolette Getty-Beck, Andre Brown, Tracy Wright, Teresa Finn, Kim Wymer, Negina Pirzad, Sarah Pond, Mary Wetherbee, Ian Whitelaw, Cynthius Scanlon, Yael Grundstein, Debbie Williamson-Smith, Vincci Lam, Emily Marrer, Becky Ivanoff, Jennifer Hill, Nick Mancuso, Krista Schuchard, Hayley Dixon, and Sanford Weintraub.

  • Spring Learnscape and Restoration Celebration volunteers: Clare Gordon, Nicolette Getty-Beck, Sarah Jo Pond, ReWild Eugene, and Ian Whitelaw.

  • Folks who helped at recent Nature Quests: Don Lown, Nicolette Getty-Beck, Sarah Jo Pond, and Charlotte Hewitt.

  • Folks who staffed our booth at the Mt. Pisgah Wildflower Festival: Nicolette Getty-Beck, Tracy Wright, Sarah Jo Pond, and Meesh Michan.

  • Folks who staffed our booth at Wings and Wine: Renee Gabriel and Jen Jackson.

  • Volunteers at the Willamette Valley Folk Festival: Tracy Wright and Charlotte Hewitt.

  • Our spring newsletter mailing party helpers: Lauren Duvauchelle, Rainie MacDonald, Thea Evenstad, and Nicolette Getty-Beck
  • Late this spring, we said a fond farewell and a big THANKS to Board member Judd Sneirson. Judd has been on board since March 2006. We have so much appreciated Judd's even-tempered, intelligent, and thoughtful input regarding our programs and his legal advice regarding everything from hiring policies to bylaws. We also appreciated his willingness to jump in when needed, especially when we needed a Grandpa Spider one spring for the Egg Walk! We will miss Judd at our meetings but wish him well in his move to far-away Florida. Cheers, Judd, and many thanks!


Winter-Early Spring 2009 thanks to:

  • Our winter and spring school visit assistants: Sally Keller, Chanah Hall, Monica Ortiz, Lauren Duvauchelle, Amber Lippert, Rich InLove, Charlotte Hewitt, Carol Fenning, and Sierra Predovich.

  • Brendan Currie for assisting at Nature Quests.

  • Teresa Finn, Thea Evenstad, and Monica Oritz for helping with the UO Career Fair.

  • Whitney Donielson, Monica Ortiz, Rainie MacDonald, and Teresa Finn for office help, mailings, and postering, Rainie MacDonald and Vicky Mello for getting out the winter newsletter.

  • All of our Learnscape Volunteers! See Cheers for Extra Special Volunteers.

  • Thirteen Alpa Phi Omega volunteers for participating in our February Restoration Celebration.

  • Monica Ortiz, Rainie MacDonald, Chanah Hall, Sierra Predovich, and Nicolette Getty for assisting at No School Days.

  • This spring, we said a fond farewell and a big THANKS to Board member Danya Ariel, who has been involved with Nearby Nature since childhood. From youth participant in our programs, to teen Outdoor Leader, to NSC student representative on our Board, Danya has played many roles in our work. Most recently, he has served as an adult member of our Board and worked as an instructional assistant at NCS. What a pleasure it has been to have Danya “on board!” His mature and thoughtful input has rivaled that of any adult member of our group. From serving as secretary, to providing insight into the NCS (where he was part of the school’s first graduating class), to being the only one in our group with a Food Service Card (thanks for all that food prep!) Danya’s dedicated service has been invaluable. Fortunately, Danya is not leaving Eugene and will continue to work with NCS and as a member of the Oregon Country Fair Board. Cheers, Danya, and thanks so much!


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