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About Us

Where’s the first place you connected with nature as a child? In a backyard tree? A park down the street? A neighborhood vacant lot? If you’re like lots of folks, your special place was close to home.

Based in the green heart of Eugene-Springfield – Alton Baker Park — Nearby Nature believes people of all ages, backgrounds, and communities thrive when they connect with nature nearby.

Our mission is to foster appreciation of nature nearby and provide tools for ecological living.

From summer daycamps to family Nature Quests, school field trips to Network Charter School classes, Restoration Celebrations to Learnscape gardening projects, we’ve got programs for everyone!

Since 1992, we’ve served tens of thousands of people, from the tiniest tots to the wisest elders. We’ve also worked with thousands of volunteers and partnered with numerous community organizations.

We welcome and encourage the participation of all members of our community and look forward to having YOU as part of our Nearby Nature family.

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