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iNaturalist Photo Uploads Via Computer

Uploading iNaturalist Photos Using a Laptop or Desktop
  1. Go to and login.
  2. Click “Upload” or “Add Observations”
  3. Consider cropping or improving photos. By downloading photos to a desktop or laptop first, you have the opportunity to make edits such as: cropping (zooming in), or enhancing contrast in order to make the intended subject stand out more. You can always add or delete photos in an observation once made by clicking the edit option. This means you can take some in the field and add edited photos later too.
  4. Either select “Choose Files” or drag and drop photos/audio files to upload. (There are additional upload options if iNaturalist is integrated with services like Facebook or Soundcloud.)
  5. Use the Select and Combine features if uploading several observations at once in order to group multiple photos into their relevant individual observations. First select a photo and hold down the ‘Shift’ key as you select additional photos in order to group photos to “Combine.”
  6. Click on Species Name to see suggested IDs. Identify your organism to the best of your ability, even if it means listing “Insect” for an unknown arthropod. (Hint: If you proceed to location first, you will receive more accurate suggested IDs.) 
  7. Choose Location and click Update Observations. You can also select multiple observations and apply the same location to all at once.
  8. Hit “Submit Observations.”  Your observation(s) will automatically upload.