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Kinder Critters

Invite a “wild” animal (costumed naturalist) from nature nearby to visit your pre-school, child care center, K-2nd grade classroom, library, or birthday party. (Note — Kinder Critter programs can also be presented virtually, on Zoom!) Hear yarns spun by a spider, sing songs with a butterfly, rap rhymes with a frog, and more!

The Basics

WHAT: Fun facts, stories, and movement games shared by a naturalist in costume. Choose butterfly, frog, owl, raccoon, spider, duck, or turtle. Specific critters subject to staff/volunteer availability.

WHERE: At child care centers, in classrooms, at homes, or in parks — or virtually on Zoom Live!

WHO: Kids in pre-school through 2nd grade

WHEN: Flexible, subject to staff/volunteer availability.

HOW LONG: 30 minutes

HOW MANY: One class at a time, up to two classes per day. Larger groups served for an additional fee.

HOW MUCH (CLASSROOM VISITS): First visit $60 (one classroom), second visit same day $30, large group presentations $90, travel fee for out-of-town programs, scholarships available.

HOW MUCH (BIRTHDAY PARTIES): $70 for members, $80 for non-members