Nearby Nature Math+ Teacher at Network Charter School

Nearby Nature is hiring a middle/high school mathematics teacher for the 2020-2021 school year to work at Network Charter School (NCS). This is a part-time position that includes 0.6 FTE Math plus another .2 FTE (ideally in Physical Science). Teachers at NCS are relationship builders, content enthusiasts, and innovative thinkers. They utilize the school’s unique instructional framework to develop and deliver personalized and proficiency-based instruction designed to meet the unique strengths, needs, and interests of students who have struggled in traditional schools. Small class sizes and flexibility in course design offer our teachers great opportunities to think critically and creatively about education. 

Location: Network Charter School in Eugene (2550 Portland Street)


  • Current State Licensure to teach middle/high school mathematics as well as another subject, preferably physical science
  • Experience (or a strong interest in) teaching in an alternative classroom environment
  • Experience (or willingness to learn) restorative and trauma-informed teaching practices
  • Understanding of and ability to comply with IEP and 504 accommodations
  • Comfortable working in settings with multi-level, multi-aged students
  • Passion for developing engaging and creative lesson plans that meet Oregon State Standards
  • Willingness to design curriculum that works online and provide remote instruction if schools do not open for face-to-face instruction in the fall
  • Organized, independent, self-motivated, efficient work style
  • Excellent communication skills, team member ethic, and a sense of humor
  • Bilingual in Spanish/English preferred, but not required                        


  • Teach Integrated Math, a course that emphasizes the connections between algebra, geometry, statistics, data analysis, and probability. This integrated approach helps students gain a deep understanding of key math concepts and how they are connected. (0.6 FTE = full days MWF)
  • Collaborate with the NCS Math Team to develop courses, deliver content, and evaluate program efficacy.
  • Teach physical science (or another content area dependent on the candidate’s certification) (0.2 FTE = half days TUTH)


  • Salary range of $32,000-35,500* for .8 FTE (or modified equivalent if FTE is smaller/larger)
  • Hourly wage range of $20-$22 for occasional work outside salaried teaching
  • Sick and vacation leave
  • Employer contribution to Simple IRA

*Salary dependent on TBA Oregon state school funding for 2020-21

To Apply: Please email wenmckenncs@gmail.com with the following:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Three references
  • Concise sample math lesson plan or narrative of your choice (as PDFs if possible)

Note in the subject line of your email: Math Teacher Job Applicant. The position is open until filled with a start date of mid-August 2020. 

Questions? See Nearby Nature & Network Charter School or email wenmckenncs@gmail.com or info@nearbynature.com. No phone calls, please. 

Nearby Nature is committed to fair and impartial treatment of employees, job applicants, contractors, and agents of Nearby Nature, and to maintaining a discrimination and harassment-free work environment. Nearby Nature’s policy is not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of age (within statutory limits), race, religion, color, gender, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected status with respect to hiring, promotion, demotion, transfer, recruitment, termination, salary level, or other forms of compensation, or any other term or condition of employment.

Updated 6-1-20

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