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Special Message for Families and Teachers

Dear parents, grandparents, teachers, and other caregivers for kids of all sorts:

If you feel like your world is tilting off it’s axis these days, you’re not alone. With news reports that seem more like science fiction than reality, kids at home for the foreseeable future, and routines in complete turmoil, it’s easy to feel off balance.

To get back on solid ground, step outside or open a window.  Touch the earth, or look into the distance, find a tall tree, and imagine that’s you, rooted deep in the soil. Feel the solid ground beneath you, real or imagined. Notice…it’s not shaking, even though you may be.

Indeed, the spinning earth is even now circling the sun, just as it has for eons.  And Spring has arrived right on schedule, complete with a rainbow of colors, symphony of birdsong, and the rich fragrances of rainfall and wildflowers. Resilient nature is alive and well, full of hope, and present right in your yard, nearby natural areas, and outside your open windows.

We hope we can make your journey a bit easier with our Nature-Schooling resources. Please let us know how we can help you! Feel free to contact us anytime with your ideas and requests.

Thanks, take care, safe safe, and be sure to get outside today!

— Beth and Grace, Nearby Nature Programs Staff